February Open Rehearsal

This season Liebesfreud is replacing some of our usual ‘Last Fridays’ concerts with open rehearsals. The next of these takes place Friday, February 22 at noon at our usual venue, the Art Alliance.

We will be rehearsing Schubert's glorious Quartet in A Minor, which was supposed to have been part of our January program but fell victim to the snowstorm.

Why would you want to come to a rehearsal? Geoffrey Michaels steps out of character and drops his customary modesty to explain:

We have terrific rehearsals! I’ve been around musicians for more years than I care to count, and I can state unequivocally that Liebesfreud’s way of working on music is characterized by a seriousness and idealism that I have rarely encountered. Of course, we tend to split too many hairs and tell too many anecdotes (as well as some truly terrible jokes), but the desire to make sense of the music, and to make that sense vivid to others, is never corrupted by ego-driven irrelevancies.

We think the process is in itself valuable and interesting, so you might find that an hour at the Art Alliance on Friday would not be a complete waste of time.

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