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17th Annual Beethoven's Birthday Benefit 

For 16 years, Liebesfreud's musicians have offered a concert to benefit an area organization which provides sustenance and succor to Philadelphia's homeless.
This year, Phil and Dave are joined by Paul Roby and Patricia Daniels.
Our venue this year is in the northern suburb of Elkins Park.
December 16th at noon. 
Please see the 'calendar' page for more information.
Thank you.  

Summer Hiatus 

After our 98th "Last Fridays" Series program, Liebesfreud takes our normal summer break.
As usual, the members each go their separate ways for a few months. After such time though, for the last 16 years we have returned reinvigorated and ready to tackle the physical and philosophical demands of the miraculous string quartet literature. 

This year is a bit up in the air though as Charlie will be heading to Maine for some much needed family time and is enjoying it so much that he's hinted he may stay there! 

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Another New(/Old) Venue 

Once again, The Rittenhouse Savoy comes to the rescue. About four years ago the Art Alliance was double-booked and the Savoy - with only a couple hours notice - graciously opened its doors to Liebesfreud. 
As the Art Alliance building is undergoing renovations, the Savoy once again demonstrates its "neighborliness" by inviting Liebesfreud in to disrupt with a little Haydn and Beethoven. 
5:30p.m. Free admission. Welcome!  

Great Old Music, Wonderful New(/Old) Venue 

Please join Liebesfreud for our 16th Annual Beethoven's Birthday Concert! This time we move to the Old City section of Philadelphia to perform in the former Saint Paul's Church, now home to Episcopal Community Services. All donations to support ECS programs.

Lucky 13 

Liebesfreud begins its thirteenth season of "Last Fridays" programs.
We're closing in on a hundred of these- this month's is #93.
Mozart and Mendelssohn start the proceedings with Beethoven to follow in November. December's highlight will be the  annual Beethoven's Birthday Concert. 
Stay tuned ... and welcome to your "Lucky 13"!  

"Pop-up" / "Musical Tasting" / "Sneak Preview" 

Call it what you will, but just don't miss it! 
 ~  THURSDAY, June 28th - 3:00 p.m.  ~ 

Recent Curtis grad and talented-cellist-soon-to-solo-with-the-Philadephia-Orchestra!, Zachary Mowitz,  joins for some Schubert and Tchaikovsky's "Rococo" Variations.
Zachary performs the latter at the Mann Music Center next month. We only hope his schedule will allow him to be with us again later this season (stay tuned) for the complete Schubert Cello Quintet, a monument in the chamber music literature.

~ 3:00 p.m. /…

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New Chapter in Liebesfreud Series 

Liebesfreud began its 13th season yesterday evening with its 88th "Last Fridays" program which was also the first in a new partnership with the University of the Arts.
UArts has joined with the venerable Philadelphia Art Alliance on Rittenhouse Square, the principal venue for Liebesfreud's chamber music series since the spring of 2007. 

Haydn and Beethoven featured in next performance, February 23, 2018.
Admission: Free  

Mozart turns 262 

Happy 2018! 
And the beginning of Liebesfreud's 13th year of "Last Fridays" concerts. 
Liebesfreud will soon celebrate Mozart's birthday - again - for the thirteenth year in a row now. 
This time his well loved "Hoffmeister" quartet will be paired with a little Beethoven.
Free admission at the historic Philadelphia Art Alliance edifice on Rittenhouse Square.  
(details on the 'calendar' page)  

Liebesreud's 13th Season on the Horizon 

Liebesfreud's thirteenth season officially begins, Friday, October 27. 
Mozart and Brahms.  

We look forward, once again, to sharing with you some of the most wonderful, beautiful and meaningful music ever written for the string quartet. 

Liebesfreud's 12th Year of Free "Last Fridays" Concerts Begins 

January 27th, 2006 - Liebesfreud is the only String Quartet in America to present a free all-Mozart concert to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth.
That date also marked the first in a series of programs, "Last Fridays", all free and open to the public, 80 of which have been presented to date. 
The next, THIS January 27th, also includes Mozart - the G minor Viola Quintet with guest, Jason DePue - paired with another late work of fellow genius, Mendelssohn.

please see the 'calendar' page for…

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