A Little Haydn & a Healthy Helping of Beethoven

Those desperately seeking escape from their families’ bosoms can find refuge (and no food) at another of Liebesfreud’s “Last Fridays” shindigs.
This month’s program has no “hook”—no birthday or anniversary of which we’re aware—just two great canonical classics.

The first is Haydn’s Quartet in D major from Op. 20.
Our theme this season is Haydn’s series of six quartets Op. 20, significant because one could fairly say that these works mark the point at which the string quartet became the String Quartet. These early works are just as beautiful and as stupefyingly imaginative as all the other great Haydn quartets.

Beethoven’s first “Razumovsky” quartet, Op. 59, No. 1 is much bigger—in time scale and in the number of ideas set forth and integrated—than anything previously composed in the genre, but more importantly it’s just great music.
And hearing our interpretation in this concert will afford you the priceless opportunity to compare it with our upcoming “Beethoven’s Birthday Bash” performance of the quartet on December 21, sure to reveal an increase in depth and understanding.

Can you afford to miss this?

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