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Liebesfreud: Music

Music Trivia Quiz (December) > > Click HERE! < <

The final quiz of 2007 is here!

Welcome to the Quiz page.
The questions fall into three categories, "Music First!" - our regular (but with a seasonal flavor) - BEETHOVEN (do you need to ask why?!) and a new category for you "Sesame Street" fans.
Some questions are on general musical knowledge. Answers to others can be found (or figured from information) on the 'Calendar', 'Music', 'Bio' or 'News' pages of this site or from clues in the quiz itself.
Also, here a couple websites that can help:
- (and of course, google) -

Please note: The Liebesfreud website is music- rather than technology-driven. Entering the contest requires your "cut & paste" technique! (Answer form at bottom of this page.) Our definition of "interactive" is best
appreciated (and enjoyed) in rehearsals and concerts!

Good Luck!

Part 1 - Music First!

1. A beautiful piece at any time of year, this popular "Concerto Grosso" of Corelli is, alas, heard most often only in December. By what name is it best known?
a. Winter
b. Winter Dreams
c. Christmas
d. Hannukah Harry

2. Leroy Anderson, a Harvard graduate (no less!) wrote this popular winter season piece for orchestra.
a. Jingle Bells
b. White Christmas
c. Sleigh Ride
d. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

3. Another composer with a New England connection, Charles Ives wrote a beautiful SATB Christmas Carol, but is best known for his pieces like the "Unanswered Question" and "Three Places in New England". He wrote his first string quartet during his sophomore year at Yale. What is its title?
a. Early Will We Seek You
b. From the Salvation Army
c. To a Wild Rose
d. Yale-Princeton Football Game

4. Another American composer, the Italian-born Gian-Carlo Menotti wrote a very special Christmas-story opera (a must-hear). What was his title?
a. Amahl and the Night Visitors
b. Hansel and Gretel
c. The Medium
d. The Saint of Bleecker Street

5. Tchaikovsky also wrote a symphony heard often during the darker months of the year. Its name...
a. The Snow Maiden
b. Winter Dreams
c. Aurora Borealis
d. The Nutcracker

6. And of course...
Premiered in Dublin in the spring of 1742, his "Messiah" is one of the most loved oratorios. Who is it?
a. J. S. Bach
b. Felix Mendelssohn
c. G. F. Handel
d. John Ireland


7. Beethoven wrote 17 of these... or 16 or 18! -depends on how you count them.
(hint: by December 17th, Liebesfreud will have performed 10 of them)
a. Trios
b. Piano Sonatas
c. String Quartets
d. Viola Quintets

8. Beethoven's works are divided into three periods. Which of the following is not one of them.
a. Early
b. Middle
c. "Blue"
d. Late

9. Beethoven's first symphony and piano concerto are written in the key of C.
What other of his works is in the same key?
a. 4th String Quartet
b. 5th Symphony
c. Third "Rasumovsky" Quartet
d. All of the above

10. Each of LvB's four even-numbered symphonies has four movements - NOT!
Which made history by being the first symphony to have five movements?
a. #2
b. #4
c. #6
d. #8

11. This symphony also was the first Beethoven provided with a "nickname" and a "program". By what name is it known?
a. Alpine
b. Fantastique
c. Pastorale
d. Unfinished

12. Beethoven is said to have commented about which of his works that it was "stolen & gathered together from various things here & there"?
a. The Septet, Op. 20 for Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass
b. The Serenade, Op. 25 for Flute, Violin & Viola
c. The original last movement from his String Quartet, Op. 130
d. The seven-movement String Quartet, Op. 131

Part 3 - One of these things is not like the others...

13. ?
a. Im Sommerwind
b. Langsamersatz
c. Three Burlesques, Op. 8c (1908)
d. Six Bagatelles, Op. 9 (1913)

14. ?
a. Five Christmas Songs, Op. 1
b. Finlandia
c. Holberg Suite
d. Voces Intimae, Op. 56

15. ?
a. La Mer (1903-5)
b. Le chasseur maudit
c. String Quartet (1889)
d. Kyrie de la messe de Noel

16. ?
a. "Eroica" Symphony, Op. 55
b. "Emperor" Concerto, Op. 73
c. "Harp" Quartet, Op. 74
d. "Trout" Quintet, Op. 114

17. ?
a. Crisantemi (1890)
b. La boheme
c. Italian Serenade (1887)
d. Tosca

18. If you were to substitute for the '?' in 13 - 17, which does not belong in the group?
a. 13
b. 14
c. 15
d. 16
e. 17
[5 bonus points if you give a correct reason]


THE CONTEST RULES (read especially #5 and 8)
1. This "Trivia" quiz is designed to be fun, entertaining and informative.
2. Look for a new quiz posted on or about the 1st day of each month in 2007 and a monthly prize - an $18 gift card to Borders Books and Music, Barnes & Noble, or a copy of Liebesfreud's CD (winner's choice)- not bad at all, especially if you win it!
3. There are 18 questions divided into three sections. This month (December) Q. 1-12 are each worth 2 points; Q. 13-17 each worth 4 points; Q. 18 counts for 5 points.
4. There is a total of 49 points.
5. The contest will close on the 21st of December with answers posted, and winner announced, on our website by midnight on the 22nd.
6. If there is a tie for high score, the winner will be selected by random draw.
7. In addition to the usual monthly prize in December, there may be two (2) extra prizes awarded on this mid-December date: One chosen at random from all the highest point entries from each month for the entire year; one awarded to the high score total for the year. Any who have scored 18 or higher in any given month (36 or higher in May or December, 54+ in September) will be eligible for these prizes: certificates valued at $50 at one of Philadelphia's best restaurants.
8. To submit your entry, copy and paste the entry form at the bottom of this page into an email (adding your answers, of course!) and send to - Please include your name and one of the following: address, e-mail or telephone number, whichever you prefer.
9. One entry per person, per month only.
10. Open to all, with the exception of Liebesfreud musicians and their immediate family members (sorry, Heather and Carolyn)


Music Trivia Quiz - December, 2007

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