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Liebesfreud: Music

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Welcome to the Quiz page.
Following questions from two of our usual categories, "Music First" and "Composers", the final six of the 18 below will honor that quintessential American holiday of Thanksgiving.
Some questions are on general musical knowledge. Answers to others can be found (or figured from information) on the 'Calendar', 'Music', 'Bio' or 'News' pages of this site or from clues in the quiz itself. Otherwise a hint is given. :>)
Also, here a few websites that can help: (search: "snoozes")

Please note: The Liebesfreud website is music- rather than technology-driven. Entering the contest requires your "cut & paste" technique! (Answer form at bottom of this page.) Our definition of "interactive" is best
appreciated (and enjoyed) in rehearsals and concerts!

Good Luck!

Part 1 - Music First!

1. Which of these elements can be achieved when two or more voices simultaneously produce different pitches?
a - Melody
b - Harmony
c - Rhythm
d - Counterpoint

2. What if one voice is introduced "somewhere in time" after the other?
a - Melody
b - Harmony
c - Rhythm
d - Canon

3. The 'classical' string quartet has 2 violins, viola and cello. What instrument is added to form the great C major quintet of Schubert?
a - piano
b - viola
c - cello
d - bass

4. Beethoven's Quartet, op. 131 uses, for the first time in a major piece of music, what effect that involves moving the bow virtually on top of the 'bridge' of an instrument?
a - pizzicato
b - ponticello
c - diminuendo
d - crescendo

5. If the cellist comes late to quartet rehearsal and the other three players want to make good use of their time, playing which of the following should bring satisfaction?
a - Mozart - Divertimento, K. 563
b - Beethoven - Archduke Trio
c - Dvorak - Terzetto
d - Hugo Wolf - "Italian Serenade"

6. How is a cello different from a violin and viola?
a - Its tones can be lower
b - Its player usually reads from a different clef
c - It hurts more to put it under your chin
d - All of the above

Part 2 - Composers

7. This composer wrote more string quartets than the other three combined. Who was he?
a - Mozart
b - Beethoven
c - Mendelssohn
d - Brahms

8. One of them wrote a group of three quartets (op. 59) dedicated to one Count Rasumovsky...
a - Mozart
b - Beethoven
c - Mendelssohn
d - Brahms

9. One of those composers wrote just three altogether! ???
a - Mozart
b - Beethoven
c - Mendelssohn
d - Brahms

10. One of the composers mentioned above has string quartet music featured on Liebesfreud's CD.
Select, please!
a - Mozart
b - Beethoven
c - Mendelssohn
d - Brahms

11. Liebesfreud celebrates, for the 5th straight year, the birthday of this composer by offering a December concert- on his birthday- with all funds donated going to WinterShelter, a program to care for homeless men in Philadelphia. Who is the birthday boy?
a - Beethoven
b - Schubert
c - Mendelssohn
d - P.D.Q. Bach

12. Which of the following will have a 200th Birthday Celebration concert on February 3, 2009?
a - J. S. Bach
b - Mozart
c - Sir Edward Elgar
d - Mendelssohn

Part 3 - A Good Thanksgiving to All

13. "Be Glad Then, America" is the title of the first of the three parts of William Schuman's New England...
a - Hymnal
b - Journal of Hymns
c - Songbook
d - Tryptich

14. This beautiful ballad is performed breathtakingly by the Philadelphia-based ensemble "Time for Three" (
a - Appalachia
b - The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
c - Shenandoah
d - Sweet Betsy From Pike

15. Samuel Barber's "Adagio", most often played by string orchestra, was originally scored for ...
a - piano, four hands
b - cello and piano
c - string quartet
d - string quintet

16. Beginning with a devotional Chorale, his first of two string quartets is subtitled "From the Salvation Army".
Who was this American iconoclast?
a - Stephen Foster
b - Ned Rorem
c - Roy Harris
d - Charles Ives

17. Drawing its inspiration from American hymns, spirituals and revival tunes, his continuing project titled "American Songbook" was written for and premiered by Orchestra 2001 ( of Philadelphia. His first name's George; what's the last?
a - Antheil
b - Crumb
c - Gershwin
d - Rochberg

18. Which of these quartets from Liebesfreud's first four "Beethoven's Birthday" concerts contains a movement with the inscription "Hymn of Thanksgiving..."?
a - op. 18, no. 6
b - op. 127
c - op. 132
d - op. 135


THE CONTEST RULES (read especially #5 and 8)
1. This "Trivia" quiz is designed to be fun, entertaining and informative.
2. Look for a new quiz posted on or about the 1st day of each month in 2007 and a monthly prize - an $18 gift card to Borders Books and Music, Barnes & Noble, or a copy of Liebesfreud's CD (winner's choice)- not bad at all, especially if you win it!
3. There are 18 questions divided into three sections. This month (November) Q. 1-12 are each worth 1 point; Q. 13-17 each worth 2 points; Q. 18 counts for 3 points.
4. There is a total of 25 points.
5. The contest will close on the 27th of November with answers posted on our website by midnight on the 29th. The winner will be announced at our concert on Friday, November 30th.
6. If there is a tie for high score, the winner will be selected by random draw.
7. In addition to the usual monthly prize in December, there may be two (2) extra prizes awarded on this mid-December date: One chosen at random from all the highest point entries from each month for the entire year; one awarded to the high score total for the year. Any who have scored 18 or higher in any given month (36 or higher in May or December, 54+ in September) will be eligible for these prizes: certificates valued at $50 at one of Philadelphia's best restaurants.
8. To submit your entry, copy and paste the entry form at the bottom of this page into an email (adding your answers, of course!) and send to - Please include your name and one of the following: address, e-mail or telephone number, whichever you prefer.
9. One entry per person, per month only.
10. Open to all, with the exception of Liebesfreud musicians and their immediate family members (sorry, Heather and Carolyn)


Music Trivia Quiz - November, 2007

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