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Liebesfreud: Music

Music Trivia Quiz (September) > > Click HERE! < <

September's entry window has closed :(
but October's opens soon :>)


Welcome to the Quiz page.
It's "Back to School" for students and teachers across the country. Following questions from two of our usual categories, "Music First" and "Composers", the final six of the 18 below will test (or enhance) your knowledge about U.S. and International Music Schools and Conservatories.

Most answers can be found (or figured from information) on the 'Calendar', 'Music' or 'Bio' pages of this ( site. Otherwise a hint is given. :>)

Please note: The Liebesfreud website is music- rather than technology-driven. Entering the contest requires your "cut & paste" technique! (Answer form at bottom of this page.) Our definition of "interactive" is best
appreciated (and enjoyed) in rehearsals and concerts!

Good Luck!

Part 1 - Music First!

1. Franz Schubert was, by any account, a supremely gifted musician. In his music writing, which of the following is accepted as his greatest gift ?
a - Melody
b - Harmony
c - Orchestration
d - Penmanship

2. Which of Mendelssohn's movement types - such as the "fairy music" from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - is most greatly admired?
a - Andante
b - March
c - Scherzo
d - Waltz

3. The 18 year-old Edvard Grieg wrote a very "enterprising" one of these as a requirement for a counterpoint class.
a - Canon
b - Fugue
c - Passacaglia
d - Polka

4. Hugo Wolf is most known for his exquisite songs. He had very few mature works in the chamber music idiom, but one stands out - it is for String Quartet and titled _________ Serenade.
a - A Simple
b - Italian
c - Lovers'
d - Spanish

5. Rachmaninoff was another composer gifted at song writing, but he seemed to have been most at home when writing for orchestra and for this, his own instrument.
a - Cello
b - Clarinet
c - Piano
d - Viola

6. In late 19th century St. Petersburg (Russia!), a group of gifted composers often gathered on Friday nights to play chamber music and have their latest efforts tried out in the company of friends. A collection (in two volumes) of works of these composers includes a marvelous, little- known quartet by Rimsky-Korsakov. Which of the following composers is also represented?
a - Belaieff
b - Glazounov
c - Shostakovich
d - Stravinsky

Part 2 - Composers

7. This composer wrote -among many other works- 4 symphonies, 3 string quartets, 2 songs with viola obligatto and 1 absolutely gorgeous clarinet quintet (especially as played by Reginald Kell and the Busch Quartet!)
Who was he?
a - Beethoven
b - Brahms
c - Haydn
d - Schubert

8. One of the composers mentioned above has string quartet music featured on Liebesfreud's CD, "Selected Shorts".
Select, please!
a - Haydn
b - Beethoven
c - Schubert
d - Brahms

9. Which of these same composers will have one of his works performed by Liebesfreud on the "Last Friday" of this month?
question #1.)
a - Haydn
b - Schubert
c - Beethoven
d - Brahms

10. Look at the order of those 4 composers in the answers of the last 3 questions. Which of that group lists them in the order in which they were born?
a - 7
b - 8
c - 9
d - none of the above
[hint: Sunrise, Harp, Trout, Werther]

11. One more... each of those composers is linked with the same music capital. What city?
a - Leipzig
b - London
c - New York
d - Vienna
[hint: the sun rises earliet here]

12. The closing work on Liebesfreud's "Last Friday" program this month was written by a great composer, also closely associated with the correct answer/city in question #5.
Who is it?
a - J. S. Bach
b - Wolfgang Mozart
c - Arnold Schoenberg
d - Anton Webern
[hint: son of Leopold]

Part 3 - "Go to the Head of the Class"

13. What is the only major music conservatory in the United States that provides merit-based full-tuition scholarships to undergraduate, as well as graduate, students, who are chosen as a result of highly selective auditions.?
a - The Curtis Institute
b - The New England Conservatory
c - The Peabody Conservatory
d - Boston College of Music
[hint: GM]

14. Located in Ohio, which school was founded in 1865 and is the oldest continuously operating conservatory in the United States.?
a - University of Akron - School of Music
b - Cleveland Institute of Music
c - Oberlin Conservatory
d - University of Cincinatti, College-Conservatory of Music
[hint: PK]

15. Which of these midwest schools figured in the education of Liebesfreud violist David Giles?
a - Chicago College of Performing Arts
b - Indiana University School of Music
c - Interlochen Arts Academy
d - Northwestern University - School of Music

16. Which of these New York schools figured in Liebesfreud cellist Charles Forbes' education?
a - Juilliard
b - Manhattan School of Music
c - Mannes College
d - NYU - Steinhardt School of Culture

17. Established in 1921, this northeastern school boasts one of the largest Chamber Music faculties anywhere.
a - Eastman School of Music
b - Crane School of Music (SUNY-Potsdam)
c - Westminster Choir College
d - Yale School of Music
[hint: remember Jack Benny's sidekick?]

18. Which of the following European schools did Edvard Grieg attend when he wrote the F minor Fugue heard on the "Selected Shorts" cd?
a - Leipzig Conservatory
b - Norges Musikkhogskole
c - Vienna Conservatorium
d - Yehudi Menhuin School


THE CONTEST RULES (read especially #5 and 8)
1. This "Trivia" quiz is designed to be fun, entertaining and informative.
2. Look for a new quiz posted on the 1st day of each month in 2007 and a monthly prize - an $18 gift card to Borders Books and Music or a copy of Liebesfreud's CD (winner's choice)- not bad at all, especially if you win it!
3. There are 18 questions divided into three sections. This month (September) Q. 1-3 are each worth 1 point; Q. 4-6 each worth 2 points; Q. 7-9: each 3 points; Q. 10-12: 5 points; Q. 13-18: 7 points each
4. There is a total of 75 points - triple the usual!
5. The contest will close on the 25th of September with answers posted on our website by midnight on the 28th. The winner will be announced at our concert on Friday, September 28th.
6. If there is a tie for high score, the winner will be selected by random draw.
7. In addition to the usual monthly prize in December, there may be two (2) extra prizes awarded on this mid-December date: One chosen at random from all the highest point entries from each month for the entire year; one awarded to the high score total for the year. Any who have scored 18 or higher in any given month (36 or higher in May or December, 54+ in September) will be eligible for these prizes: certificates valued at $50 at one of Philadelphia's best restaurants.
8. To submit your entry, copy and paste the entry form at the bottom of this page into an email (adding your answers, of course!) and send to - Please include your name and one of the following: address, e-mail or telephone number, whichever you prefer.
9. One entry per person, per month only.
10. Open to all, with the exception of Liebesfreud musicians and their immediate family members (sorry, Heather and Carolyn)


Music Trivia Quiz - September, 2007

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