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Liebesfreud: Music

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[This month's contest has closed, but please feel free to browse!]

Welcome to the Quiz page.
This month's trivia challenge celebrates the work of the students, teachers, coaches and staff of the Strings International Music Festival. Held on the outskirts of Philadelphia, each summer, for more than a decade, students of violin, viola, cello and doublebass have converged for an intensive two-week program in a 'camp' setting to learn and be inspired by musicians from the Philadelphia Orchestra (and for the last three summers - Liebesfreud!) under the able, insiring and energetic leadership of Sandy Marcucci and Orchestra Principal Second Violinist Kimberly Fisher.
Visit (virtually) at or in person through June 29th.

In the next 18 questions (and answers), you will get just a taste of the excitement of this unique festival.

All answers can be found (or figured from information) on the Festival website or on the pages of this ( site.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Part 1 - Music First!

1. One of the highlights of the Strings International Music Festival (SIMF) is a performance of a "double" concerto by this composer.
a - Bach
b - Schubert
c - Mendelssohn
d - Shostakovich

2. Two of the composers mentioned above have string quartets featured on Liebesfreud's CD, "Selected Shorts".
Pick the correct pair.
a - Bach, Schubert
b - Schubert, Mendelssohn
c - Mendelssohn, Shostakovich
d - Bach, Mendelssohn

3. Who wants to be a millionaire? Well not really! but this question is in the form of a qualifier from that show:
Each of the composers named in question #1 was born in a different century. Put them in order from earliest born to last born.
(Use the letters from question #1.)
a - a b c d
b - a c b d
c - a b d c
d - d c b a

4. Last summer, at the camp, each of three student string quartets prepared a portion of the Quartet # 6 of Dmitri Shostakovich so that it could receive a complete performance.
Why was this quartet chosen?
a - It was very easy and none of the players felt like practicing too hard.
b - They had all heard it before and really liked it.
c - They waited too long to choose their piece and it was the only one left in the library.
d - The performance was in observance of the 100th anniversary of the composer's birth.

5. Edvard Grieg wrote a fugue for string quartet while he was a student at the Leipzig Conservatory in Germany. One of the composers listed in question #1 was its first director. Who was it and why did he and Grieg never meet?
a - Bach - he (Bach) was too busy practicing the organ to take time to meet any of the students.
b - Schubert - he (Schubert) was very shy and hardly ever left his office.
c - Mendelssohn - by the time Grieg had enrolled in the conservatory, Mendelssohn had died.
d - Shostakovich - Russians and Norwegians didn't get along that well at this time in history.

6. The Wolf "Italian Serenade" is one of SIMF director Kimberly Fisher's favorite chamber music pieces. What was Hugo Wolf best known for writing?
a - Symphonies
b - Songs
c - Viola etudes
d - Limericks

Part 2 - The "Players"

7. Before Kimberly Fisher began the "Camp" she practiced hard for many years. Before joining the Philadelphia Orchestra, in what country did she have the honor of performing on both radio and TV?
a - United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
b - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.)
c -Oh, Canada, Glorious and Free...
d - Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

8. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary violinist and teacher Jascha Brodsky of the Curtis Quartet. Which Philadelphia Orchestra member(s) and SIMF faculty studied with Mr. Brodsky?
a - Kimberly Fisher
b - Davyd Booth
c - Philip Kates
d - all of the above

9. Which member(s) of Liebesfreud played alongside Mr. Brodsky in the Curtis Quartet?
a - Geoffrey Michaels
b - Philip Kates
c - David Giles
d - all of the above

10. He has been with "Strings" since the very first year. He is a wonderful teacher, chamber music coach, violinist and conductor with a great sense of humor and everybody loves him! Who is he?
a - Barry Bonds
b - Garry Kasparov
c - Harry Potter
d - Larry Fisher

11. Another icon at SIMF, Sid Curtiss offers a wealth of knowledge, insight and experience to his viola students and chamber music groups. Mr. Curtiss served as Assistant Principal Viola of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Which famous conductor appointed him?
a - Riccardo Muti
b - Eugene Ormandy
c - Leopold Stokowski
d - Fritz Scheel

12. Last summer he joined Liebesfreud in its late night concert to play a quintet by Dvorak. He also leads the Bass Master Class at the Camp. Who is he?
a - Harold Robinson
b - Scott Robinson
c - Corey Robinson
d - Jackie Robinson

Part 3 - Camp Life

13. The concert mentioned in question #12 is an annual program offered by Liebesfreud. Concertgoers are encouraged to wear what?
a - coat and tie
b - all black
c - pajamas
d - earplugs

14. All students are expected to practice and prepare for lessons, orchestra rehearsals and chamber music sessions (if involved in that activity). Another worthwhile and fun elective has been a Kreutzer etude class offered by Kimberly Fisher. What other basic skill - important to all musicians - is also taught?
a - pencil sharpening
b - putting batteries in your metronome
c - speed folding a music stand
d - practicing scales

15. There are also non-musical activities planned at "Strings". Which of the following is not among them?
a - Swimming
b - Tennis
c - Volleyball
d - Bungee Jumping

16. Complete the following from the Festival Mission Statement: Strings International Music Festival, "where learning is exciting, music is fun and challenges are...
a - for the birds".
b - not important".
c - if I feel like it".
d - opportunities!".

17. Liebesfreud is the name of SIMF's resident quartet. What does the name mean?
a - Love's Joy
b - For the Love of Freud
c - Love is Free
d - It doesn't mean anything, but it sounds musical.

18. The "Grand Finale" of the Festival includes performances by 6 or more orchestras! What is each named for?
a - a famous composer
b - a world musical capital
c - a species of tropical fish
d - a different precious gem


THE CONTEST RULES (read especially #5 and 8)
1. This "Trivia" quiz is designed to be fun, entertaining and informative.
2. Look for a new quiz posted on the 1st day of each month in 2007 and a monthly prize - an $18 gift card to Borders Books and Music - which is not bad at all, especially if you win it!
3. There are 18 questions divided into three sections. Q. 1-12 are each worth 1 point; Q. 13-17 are each worth 2 points; Q. 18 is worth 3 points.
4. There is a total of 25 points.
5. The contest will close on the 24th of June with answers posted on our website by midnight on the 26th. The winner will be announced at our concert on Monday June 25th.
6. If there is a tie for high score, the winner will be selected by random draw.
7. In addition to the usual monthly prize in December, there may be two (2) extra prizes awarded on this mid-December date: One chosen at random from all the highest point entries from each month for the entire year; one awarded to the high score total for the year. Any who have scored 18 or higher in any given month (36 or higher in May or December) will be eligible for these prizes which will be certificates valued at $50 at one of Philadelphia's best restaurants.
8. To submit your entry, copy and paste the entry form at the bottom of this page into an email (adding your answers, of course!) and send to - Please include your name and one of the following: address, e-mail or telephone number, whichever you prefer.
9. One entry per person, per month only.
10. Open to all, with the exception of Liebesfreud musicians and their immediate family members (sorry, Heather and Carolyn)


Music Trivia Quiz - June, 2007

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