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Liebesfreud: Music

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January's "Quiz" (below) has closed. Thanks to all who entered our first-ever monthly trivia contest... and...
Congratulations to Dana Shukovsky for the only perfect score: 25/25!

Look for a new Quiz on February 1st.

This page has been updated to show correct answers:
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Part 1 - Music First!

1. The 250th anniversary of the birth of this great composer served as inspiration and kickoff for the first concert in Liebesfreud's "Last Fridays" series. Who was it?
>>> a - Mozart
b - Haydn
c - Schubert
d - Tchaikovsky
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2. This composer's famous "Cello Quintet" -in C major- is the feature work on this year's first "Last Fridays" concert on January 26th. His important 1820 opus -in C minor- opens Liebesfreud's "Selected Shorts" CD. Who was he?
a - Mozart
>>> b - Schubert
c - Rachmaninoff
d - Tchaikovsky
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3. March of 2006 saw another great composer whose birthday fell on a "Last Friday". Known as the "father of the string quartet", his last quartet was the centerpiece on our "Last Fridays" program that month. Who was he?
a - Bach
b - Rimsky-Korsakov
>>> c - Haydn
d - Bartok
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4. Three of the "Last Fridays" concerts (in 2006) featured guest musicians. We performed two quintets written by Mozart. Who wrote the third quintet?
a - Mendelssohn
>>> b - Dvorak
c - Brahms
d - Schumann
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5. On September 25th, Liebesfreud performed this composer's 6th String Quartet, live, on WRTI radio in Philadelphia in celebration of his 100th birthday. Who was he?
>>> a - Shostakovich
b - Grieg
c - Bartok
d - Beethoven
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6. One last birthday!... Since 2003, Liebesfreud has been offering an annual concert - a benefit for Philadelphia's homeless - in observance of this composer's December birthday. Who is it?
a - Mozart
b - Haydn
c - Shostakovich
>>> d - Beethoven
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Part 2 - Now you see us...

7. Questions 1 - 4 mention the "Last Fridays". What is the admission cost to these concerts?
a - $10
b - $18
>>> c - Free!
d - None of the above
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8. Most of these concerts are now held at a venerable Philadelphia venue. What is it?
a - The Academy of Music on the Avenue of the Arts
>>> b - The Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square
c - The Free Library on Logan Circle
d - The Art Museum on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway
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9. Occasionally a "Last Fridays" concert is coupled with another special opportunity such as the June 2006 concert given for about 200 music students from around the country at the Strings International Music Festival.
What manner of dress was encouraged for audience members at this concert?
a - Shorts and T-shirt
b - Bathing suit and towel
>>> c - Pajamas
d - Music-themed clothing
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10. Where would you have been if you were listening to Liebesfreud's performance of Beethoven's last string quartet (op. 135) in mid-May 2006?
>>> a - Verizon Hall in Philadelphia's Kimmel Center
b - The Great Hall of The Trinity Center for Urban Life
c - Thomas Great Hall at Bryn Mawr College
d - The Beethoven House in Bonn, Germany
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11. We were playing on September 25th, 2006, but you couldn't have seen us. Why?
a - The concert was of music written to be played in complete darkeness.
>>> b - The performance was broadcast live on radio station 'WRTI'.
c - We were wearing our cloaks of invisibility.
d - That was only a rehearsal day. There was no performance.
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12. Dedicated musicians spend a substantial amount of time practicing- both individually and rehearsing with their group(s). But, during breaktime, where might you find Liebesfreud members?
a - We're so dedicated, we don't take breaks.
b - On the phone to our stockbrokers.
c - The closest deli.
>>> d - Starbucks, of course!
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Part 3 - The "Players"

13. Unfathomable though it might seem, each of Liebesfreud's musicians does have interests other than string quartet playing. Violinist, Geoffrey Michaels enjoys which of these cerebral pastimes.
a - The Times Crossword Puzzle
b - Sudoku
>>> c - Chess
d - Bridge
(hint: Westers-Defence, for one)

14. What does violist, David Giles yearn to do one day?
a - Climb Mount Everest.
>>> b - Hike the Appalachian Trail
c - Swim the English Channel
d - See the Aurora Borealis
(hint: "blazes")

15. How does cellist, Charles Forbes spend some vacation time each year?
a - In Austria for the Vienna State Opera's annual production of 'Die Fledermaus'.
b - Spelunking
>>> c - In his kayak
d - Playing Cricket
(hint: Was it a bat I saw?)

16. If he could get away with it, how would violinist Philip Kates spend his free evenings?
a - Playing Bridge
b - Playing Cribbage
c - Playing Poker
>>> d - All of the above!
(hint: Think of a captain's alert to his crew.)

17. The instruments on which we play all have a heritage with what country?
a - Austria
>>> b - Italy
c - Germany
d - Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
(hint: You'll kick yourself if you don't get this one right.)

18. There are 18 questions for this contest. The prize is worth $18. Our CD sells for $18 (includes tax AND postage). Why 18!?
>>> a - Violinist, Philip Kates considers it a propitious number: the 18th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is also the word for life - as in L'Chayim: To Life!
b - Violist, David Giles is an astronomy buff, having a special interest in solar eclipses of the Saros series which occur every 18 years.
c - Cellist, Charles Forbes insists that every string quartet must honor the number 18, as it is the opus number for Beethoven's important early quartets.
d - The number of players on two opposing baseball teams is 18. An avid baseball fan, violinist, Geoffrey Michaels will accept no compromise whenever there is an opportunity to include this perfect number.
(hint: October 6, 1965)

BONUS! (tiebreaker - worth 1 point)
What is the name of Liebesfreud's CD?
>>> a - Selected Shorts, Neglected Gems for String Quartet
b - The Joy of Quartets
c - Liebesfreud - Love's Joy
d - Everything You Never Wanted To Know About The String Quartet!
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THE CONTEST RULES (read especially #4,5, 7 and 10)
1. This "Trivia" quiz is designed to be fun, entertaining and informative and (even though it's a bit shameless) to better acquaint the reader with our quartet!
2. There will be a new quiz posted on the 1st day of each month in 2007 and a monthly prize - an $18 gift card to Borders Books and Music - which is not bad at all, especially if you win it!
3. There are 18 questions divided into three sections.
4. All answers to questions in each of the first two parts can be found on the pages of our website. Just click on Home, Bio, Music, News, Calendar or Photos tabs on the left margin of this page - then click 'Music' tab and 'Quiz' to return to the quiz. For questions 1 - 12, each correct answer is worth one point.
5. The questions in the third section are a bit harder to figure, but there are hints provided! Questions 13 - 17 are each worth 2 points. Question 18 counts for 3 points.
6. There will be a total of 25 points per month, but December's will have 49.
7. Except in January, the contest will close on the 18th of each month with results posted on our website by midnight on the 21st. January's close date is the 23rd. The winner will be announced at our January 26th concert (and the results posted on the website that night).
8. If there is a tie for high score in any month, the winner will be selected in a random drawing at our concert on the "Last Friday" of that month. (You need not be in attendance to win, but we'd love to see you anyway!)
9. In addition to the usual monthly prize in December, there may be two (2) extra prizes awarded on this mid-December date: One chosen at random from all the highest point entries from each month for the entire year; one awarded to the high score total for the year. Any who have scored 18 or higher in any given month (36 or higher in December) will be eligible for these prizes which will be certificates valued at $50 at one of Philadelphia's best restaurants.
10. To submit your entry, copy and paste the entry form at the bottom of this page into an email - send to - or print it and send in regular mail - to Liebesfreud / 933 Stratford Ave. / Melrose Park PA 19027. Please include your name and one of the following: address, e-mail or telephone number, whichever you prefer.
11. One entry per person, per month only.
12. Open to all, with the exception of Liebesfreud musicians and their immediate family members (sorry, Heather and Carolyn)


Music Trivia Quiz - January, 2007

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1 ---> a
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3 ---> c
4 ---> b
5 ---> a
6 ---> d
7 ---> c
8 ---> b
9 ---> c
10 --> a
11 --> b
12 --> d
13 --> c
14 --> b
15 --> c
16 --> d
17 --> b
18 --> a

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